Another New Journey!!!

Well, we found out this week that we’re having an “addition” to our journey! That’s right! Baby Jones #2 is on the way! Total surprise and shock!!! We’re very excited that God has decided to bless us with another baby! It might be a surprise to us, but it has been in His plans since the beginning of time and was not a surprise to Him 🙂

Zach loves the story of how we found out and I’m sure he’d love it if I shared it here. So here goes:

Keaton woke up (very) early Tuesday morning and the night before, I didn’t feel right (who doesn’t feel good after spaghetti, pregnant women! haha) so I was planning on testing that morning. I ran to the bathroom before nursing Keaton, did my thing, nothing showed, so I tossed it. I came back to bed after feeding Keaton and let Zach know that I was NOT pregnant!

A bit later, I went to the bathroom and decided to “double check…just in case…” There were two lines on that test. So, we waited for the Dollar Tree to open and Keaton & I ran and bought 2 more tests. Came home and sure enough, they were both positive!

So I made a onesie for Keaton that said, “I’m the big brother” (see below) and had him wear it when Zach got home from work.

Zach took one look and said, “What’s that supposed to mean? I thought we WEREN’T … RIGHT?” I showed him the test and all he could say was “wow” …over and over 🙂

So, that’s how Zach found out 🙂

I’m figuring I’m about 6 weeks along at this point, putting our due date at early August. Becuase I had to have a c-section w/ Keaton, I’m hoping to be able to try for a VBAC this go round and get this baby out the “right” way, haha!

I’m feeling pretty good. Just not so great after I eat. Which is about the same as I felt with Keaton – another boy (yay?!) haha 🙂
So, Merry Christmas to us! hahah! 🙂
Please pray for us as we start a new adventure! (2 under 2, oh dear!) Prayers for a safe & healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, a healthy baby (and no more morning sickness!!) 🙂

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