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  1. Hey Terra – It’s Kelly. What teething biscuits are you using for Keaton? I would like to use some for Hunter but I didn’t know which ones were good. Thank you and congratulations on baby #2!!!

  2. Hey Kelly!!thanks 🙂 I am using Gerber ones, I have some beechnut as well, but haven’t opened that box yet…I just bought what I had a coupon for 🙂 They’re super messy – be prepared! haha 🙂

  3. On the box of teething biscuits are they called teething biscuits….also are you giving Keaton a lot of table food….I want to but I am so worried about the choking factor.

  4. They actually say “biter biscuits” …Table foods, yes…I’m pretty much letting him taste what we’re eating. As long as he can have what’s in it…I don’t give him pasta sauce, but if we have pizza, I’ve let him gnaw on the crust…If I make pasta, I set some aside & but butter or cheese on it… Chicken…I’ve let him try various things…He does really well chewing up things. We started w/ the puffs, then cheerios, then slices of American cheese & went from there 🙂 He prefers table food over baby food any day, haha 🙂

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