Park = failed attempt at cute pictures


I was SO excited for our super warm weather today. Keaton and I finally got dressed and out the door and headed towards the park. We got there and there wasn’t an empty parking spot (from now on, we swing when it’s 30 out! haha) There was a line for the baby swings…so we drove to another park, but there weren’t any swings there…

So we came back home.

I thought about just sitting outside with him (Keaton…sit…yeh right!) but I was sneezing my head off and he was getting fussy…

So here’s some pictures from lunch, haha!

He LOVES his mesh feeder…and it gives me an opportunity to get things in the kitchen done. Today he had apples sprinkled with cinnamon in his feeder (what is he a bird!?) He loved it…just like I knew he would 😉

Keaton has rediscovered his tongue. All too often, he looks like a horse 🙂


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  1. Sorry about the park. What a bummer! We usually go to Holding Park right by the seminary. But when in doubt the playground at Fletcher has baby swings.Your little guy is one of the cutest, I tell ya!

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