One door closes, we open another…


Well, about 6 weeks or so before we found out that we were pregnant again, I told Zach that if we ever happened to have two in diapers at one time, I would throw in the towel and give cloth diapering a shot. I also told this to a friend of mine from school who does cloth and she was so very excited. Well…we found out, she found out and immediately there was a package on our doorstep. She had mailed me a couple of diapers and about 3 weeks later, there was another box FILLED with diapers – all different types so we could find out what we liked. I kept putting it off knowing those poopy diapers and my morning sickness would NOT be a good combination.

Well, I took the plunge today and it went great (minus the HUGE explosion in diaper #1, thanks Keaton! WHAT an introduction to the world of cloth!) Keaton actually didn’t even mind diaper changes today (I’m willing to put money on the fact that he was just wondering what in the world was going on down there! haha)

In lieu of this weekend’s end to nursing, I called my wonderful lactation consultant to tell her the news. I was crying the whole time I was leaving the message! She called back this evening and she said she wanted to keep our appointment for this Thursday’s weight check for Keaton, mainly because he did lose weight after being so sick. She also wanted to make sure that *I* was doing OK with the end to nursing.

I’m not looking foward to that weight check but, I need to know how much he gained since our WIC appt. last week so I can see where we stand and what we need to change.


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  1. glad to have another friend “going cloth” so I can call you for advice when i have a baby! (not yet!) By the way….love the new blog look!

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