Today I looked on my Pediatricians website as they have these “Ages & Stages” forms that we’re supposed to fill out at various visits. The next one, 12 months, needs this form filled out. The pediatricians encourage you to print them off ahead of time to “direct” the child’s play…

Well, I was reading through it and it said something about “If you give your child a crayon and paper does he/she scribble?”….um, who gives a 1 year old crayons?? Especially Keaton who will only EAT the crayon?!

So, my mom had seen these fat crayons on TV for “little” kids…While she was in town, we made our usual Target visit πŸ™‚ While there, we found them and decided since they were 12+ months, Keaton being almost 11 months, we should grab them.

We got home and I grabbed some printer paper and sat down with him…

He enjoyed playing with the paper…

And eating the crayons…We have 5 weeks to learn how to scribble!!!! haha!! Wish us luck! πŸ™‚

Like I said – he’d only eat them!!! Do I know my child or do I know my child??!

Yes – those are the crayons…weird, but, they’re actually pretty neat…

Keaton has been entertaining us by doing yoga as of late – here he’s demonstrating Downward Dog Reaching For Crayon

There is a red-headed baby behind that paper πŸ™‚

Really? I have to color with this? I want to eat it though…

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  1. Hey Terra – Hunter is also a crayon eater. I am with you on EVERYTHING going to his mouth. I would love to see a copy of the developmental sheet though. My doctor’s office doesn’t do anything like that…if you’re able will you send me the sheet?

  2. That is hilarious! What a cute kid. I love reading your Blog. I am sure Keaton can master the scribbling by 12 months, us Joneses are smart people! haha!

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