I *finally* got around to making pancakes for Keaton! And what a hit it was! Despite his being sick, he actually slept in today (way to go little buddy!!!) and so I got up “early” and made them for him.

On another note: Keaton is still running a fever, since Saturday afternoon. Basically “they” suggest for high fevers to alternate between Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours. If we do this, we can get his temp down to 99. However, if we miss that 4 hour mark/dose, it will spike to 102 or higher. I had enough today and the nurse said to come in tomorrow. Hopefully we can get this figured out and taken care of. He’s playing just as hard as he normally would, but he is so congested – he’s constantly coughing and his nose is like a faucet…

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  1. mkcmPoor little man:( I hope he feels better soon.Pancakes are a big hit here, too, though it’s more of a daddy thing. The boys only like daddy’s pancakes:/When Keaton gets to feeling better I would love to get some shots of him:) You, too!Take care & hang in there.

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