The good…the bad…and the ugly…sort of :)


Well –

Good News: Keaton’s ears are clear!!! YAY!!! The Dr. said there was no sign of infection ever even being there! I’m so excited 🙂

The bad news: Now that he’s healthy…we’re getting some sleep – in other words, no more getting up multiple times a night…we’re crying it out and getting back our 12 hours a night baby!!!

The ugly: We noticed a couple of weeks ago (about the time we started cloth diapers) that Keaton’s belly button stuck straight out (not like an outie) and it had…nastiness in it. I mentioned it at his appt today (it’s not ugly anymore, she got the nast out, haha!) But he has a herniated belly button (she said some fancy term and apparently, my expression said, “I’ve not had caffeine yet, talk to me like I’m human…” and she then told me about it) Basically, it NORMALLY corrects itself by 2 years, if not then they can do a “simple” surgery on it to fix it (I don’t think so!!) We just need to keep an eye on it and make sure it never gets really hard or anything.

So, for the first time in 6 weeks – we are all HEALTHY!!!!! YAY!!!! 🙂

We go back Tuesday for a weight check (Keaton) with the Lactation Consultant and then April 9th for his (gasp) 1 year appt. and then I hope we are DONE with dr’s. visits for him for some time!

In other news: It’s March Madness. . . .oh, did I need to say more?!? OK, 4 days a week of basketball 🙂 sigh, I love spring!!! 🙂

Baby Benjamin is moving ALL the time and Braxton-Hicks contractions (“fake” contractions) started Saturday night. I had a couple during the UNC/Clemson game Sunday afternoon…they stopped after UNC won, haha! 😉 But were definitely making their presence known as I finished up Keaton’s birthday invitations last night (whew!)

I think that’s all the news on this end. We’re preparing for some storms today, so I wanted to make sure this got posted!

Yay for no ear infection!!!


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  1. Just thought I would encourage you that both of my boys have had the same belly button thing and have grown out of it with no problems. I remember being really scared about it with Jacob but the Lord protected him from anything serious happening and neither of them have had to have surgery! Glad everyone’s healthy!Lindsay

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