“That way”…”bye bye”…”baby” …finally we make it to the park!

Oh! And Crying it Out: Night 3…Right on target…minus a very early wake up time! He made it through the night and even fell asleep “on time” so mommy could watch the Tarheels play!!! πŸ™‚

We went to a park near the Seminary today. We have missed so many beautiful days due to colds and ickyness in our house – it was SO wonderful to get out today! I’ve been able to take Keaton to the park a number of times, but this was Zach’s first time going with us!

Before we left, we needed to have food in our bellies so Zach made his infamous grilled cheese sandwiches – Keaton had that w/ blueberries (gross, but he scarfed it down quicker than Zach & I could!) Zach went into the living room for something and Keaton was looking for him. I said, “Where did daddy go?” No joke. He pointed towards the living room and uttered, “That way” Now I KNOW he didn’t really say it, but Zach asked, “Did he say ‘that way’?!” haha!!!

While we were at the park, a dad and his son came by and he (the son…not the dad!) was int he swing next to Keaton. “son” could not have cared less about Keaton, but my ever-nosey-like-his-mama boy was staring “son” down! When it came time to leave, the dad asked his son, “Can you say bye bye?” And “son” just stared at us like we each had 5.5 heads. Keaton, who never waves at ANYONE except us when we don’t ask him to (!) started waving bye bye to “son” …Zach and I played it off and as soon as they walked away, I looked at Zach and said, “What was that?! He waved!!!” Zach laughed and said, “He plays dumb…”

We came home and we were looking at the pictures we took…Keaton walks over, looks at a picture and says, “Baby” (more like, “be-ay-be” haha) Amazing…I said, “Very good!!! That’s baby Keaton!” and he just smiled at me like he was the smartest kid on earth, haha πŸ™‚ I expect he & Zach to be discussing theology here soon πŸ˜‰

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