A Much Calmer Easter Sunday!


If you recall, Keaton was born last Easter! Now, he’s not 1 (yet) because Easter falls on a different date every year, but it was still crazy to think back to the last time we were planning on celebrating Easter! 🙂

Yesterday we went to church, Zach got to play with the Praise Team since he was on Easter Break from classes this week and I took my spot as a greeter with Keaton in tow as my big helper 🙂 Who needs a whole team greeting when you have him?!

After church, he took a nice long nap in preperation for the afternoons events – Guitar Hero and UNC basketball at Greg & Nicolle’s 🙂 They’ve been our official UNC basketball watching spot the past two weekends 🙂

We were there way past Keaton’s bedtime. I hate being out past that time because he is NOT one of those babies that will fall asleep anywhere (he has to be EXHAUSTED beyond all belief to think about it…if there are people around, he must be the center of attention!) As I said, it was way past his bedtime, but I just had to prove that I was better at Guitar Hero than Zach! So, Greg grabbed Keaton and started snuggling with him (I was laughing in my head because that is usually a sure fire way to make him mad! He will snuggle – when HE wants to for as long as HE wants!)

After 3 rounds of songs, I look over and Keaton is passed out on Uncle Greg! I decided then that we REALLY needed to go and get him in bed. I knew it would be a bad night if we didn’t do that soon! So we got him bundled up, out to the car, home, changed and fed and he went down without a peep (let me add that Sat. night, he slept GREAT! I knew for sure we were don crying it out!) 230am rolls around and the screaming begins…I think it finally stopped at 4 and at some point he started again, Zach gave in and gave him a bottle (since we were SO off schedule, he didn’t want the pizza that the Red Baron hadd slaved over and he didn’t at dinner…so I’m sure he was starving!) Well…here we are, it’s almost 8am…he is still asleep! I’m very glad for this, but, I would have appreciated those 2 hours in the middle of the night more!!! 🙂 Let’s just hope this makes for a happy baby today! 🙂 Here are some pictures from yesterday (and one from last weekend at Greg & Nicolle’s that I snagged from her yesterday)

Sporting his awesome Easter outfit! (Thanks Bebe!!)

When we get a better camera, these running shots won’t be so blurry!!

My boys 🙂

Me & my Sweet Pea 🙂

This absolutely cracks me up! This was at Greg & Nicolle’s last weekend. Sawyer (their son) had a Spiderman costume and some mean adults (Zach & Nicolle) put it on Keaton, he thought it was the funniest thing ever!

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