And the after…


I remembered to get some shots of Keaton post-hair cut today (who knows how quickly it will grow out and we’ll need another trim!)

I’m still getting used to his new hair. He doesn’t look like my crazy baby anymore – he sure still acts like it though!

In other news, we are now officially addicted to Guitar Hero (thank you Greg & Nicolle!) We played it over at their house and we were hooked. Zach was blessed with a huge raise at work and so we splurged a bit and bought Guitar Hero III with a wireless guitar controller. It’s definitely doing its job and keeping Zach away from all the reading he’s supposed to be doing for class!!! 😉

Ignore the pasta sauce on his face, we just ate dinner (and ignore Guitar Hero on the TV!)

A very bright close up (and Zach rockin’ out in the background)

Mama putting her swollen ankles up and Keaton stopping for one second for a photo-op!

My sweet pea 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry, he is still super stinkin’ cute!!Take it easy and hope you get some rest today.

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