The Beach, Day 2!


Today was a bit less rushed. Keaton oh-so-kindly slept until 8am (not mentioning waking at 3 & 6am! haha) So that was wonderful! We got up, had first and second breakfast (we have a Hobbit!) 😉 and then greased up and headed for the beach! Zach dug me a belly hole and I enjoyed laying on my tummy for a bit as well as enjoying the sun!

Keaton really enjoyed sitting and playing in the sand, as well as running back and forth from his “sand castle” to the water. We avoided any falls into the ocean today!

Zach & I got to enjoy a nice date night to the Outback this evening (Thanks Eric & Susan!!!) Keaton, however, was not excited about us leaving for a bit! But once his grandparents got dinner started and his high chair tray was filled with food, he forgot all about us being gone!

We have one more day here before heading back to Raleigh & reality!

Here are some pictures from the morning on the beach!

Enjoying the beach!

Dumping water

So very excited!

Running to mama

I just thought this was a sweet picture – digging in and working hard in the sand!


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