Busy couple of days!


Because BeBe was in town!!

She got in Tuesday afternoon and we headed off Croc hunting, which was a success! I found my mary jane crocs (and Zach got a pair too! – NOT Mary Jane Crocs though!) We headed to Kohl’s and did a bit of shopping there and met Zach at Red Robin for dinner – he headed to class and we headed to put a very sleepy baby to bed!

Wednesday morning I had my glucose test and got to drink my yummy orange drink that had been staring at me every time I opened the fridge for the past month! Still waiting to hear the results on that. However, when Dr. Segal measured my tummy, he looked at the tape measure, he looked at me, he looked at my chart and measured me again. He said, “We have you at 24 & 4…” (Dr. speak for 24 weeks and 4 days) “But you’re measuring 27 weeks…” GREAT! So either, 1) Benjamin is HUGE or 2) he’s breech – NEITHER of which I want! He said we will do an ultrasound next visit and check on his size and position…now I have to wait 4 more weeks!

After that, I had to get my car inspected and we visited a local fruit stand. Then, off to JoAnne Fabrics to get some fabric to make a Mei Tei carrier with Carrie! Then Target (Keaton is SUCH a good shopper!!!!) and then finally home.

My mom graciously bought us steaks and Zach GLADLY grilled them up for us! What a yummy dinner we had!

After dinner, Zach got Keaton settled for the evening and my mom and I headed to Lowe’s to buy some pretty flowers for my very empty pots outside. (The final result pictures will be showing later as I forgot to take them after her hard work!!)

Today was the day I was looking forward to and dreading all at the same time – the chiropractor. I was so scared to go but the pain had gotten so bad. There were days that I couldn’t walk, couldn’t pick up Keaton…it hurt to sit, stand or lay down…I was just in pain. I found a chiro. that specializes in pregnant women (I’m still trying to find the “right” way to say that!) and made an appointment for 10am today. I was almost sick to my stomach so worried about what she would do to me. I made my concerns known from the start and she was awesome (for anyone who cares – Gray Family Chiropractic off of Millbrook! Dr. Alisha Davis is who I saw) She figured out where the pain was and explained everything in great detail. She popped my back to relieve the pressure causing my sciatic nerve pain (something I try to do every night, but have YET to get it that good!) and then relieved some of the round ligament pain I was feeling.

She said for various reasons, it’s going to take a while to get to feeling “right” so she wants to see me twice a week for a couple of weeks and then we’ll re-evaluate. I think the best part was the “special bed” where I got to lay on my tummy and she put pressure on my legs. For those who love to sleep on their bellies (me!) It’s so hard when that’s taken away from you (in the form of a huge baby bump)

So that was fabulous. I’m definitely NOT scared of the chiropractor anymore (as long as I’m pregnant…I had to watch a video and I did NOT like what I saw them doing to non-pregnant women, so that’s a different story!) 😉

This afternoon, my mom graciously planted my flowers for me and she did a great job! The front of our apartment screams SPRING now! 😀

Tonight, she babysat while Zach and I had a date night to Konki, a Japanese restaurant near his work (if I drive to/past Millbrook ONE MORE TIME this week!!!!) and it was AMAZING. We stuffed ourselves beyond belief 🙂

BeBe is spending the night but heading out first thing in the morning.

We had such a fun time visiting!

Here’s Keaton helping plant some flowers!

Get some dirt….

Sprinkle it on the bushes!

What are you doing over there Bebe??

He started making this face at the beach…I would assume it means disgust with something, but it’s always been with something he’s enjoying 😉

I want to help too!

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  1. I just love getting a glimpse into your day. You are such a faithful blogger! I am definitely one of those stomach sleepers, so now I’m not looking forward to that. (whenever I ever get pregnant!) I’m glad you found a good chiro. though!

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