My Crazy *13* month old!


Right after lunch it hit me, Keaton is 13 months today! I completely didn’t even think about it!

Things are pretty routine right now!

I had another chiro appt yesterday and I have been taking it a bit easier and I’m feeling great!

Keaton has an appt. tomorrow morning to get his iron levels (CBC in “the industry” haha) re-checked – hopefully they will be high enough. I’m also going to get him weighed, because I like to know those things! I think I will forever be concerned about his weight now!

He’s discovered a new sound that I can’t even begin to describe but it’s hysterical…however, but 10am I was trying to teach him a new sound! (I will work on getting it on video, but he gets all shy & quiet when the camera comes out…)

We’re working on discipline right now. He really “got” “No” awhile back, but, there’s new things to discover. It’s more testing his limits now. And I’m finding that I have to be firm from the beginning (which is hard to do in the middle of a contraction that almost brings you to your knees…OR if he’s standing half naked, just in a cute cloth diaper and his green basket/hat on his head!)

I was so proud of him at the chiro yesterday. They’ve pretty much baby/child proofed the rooms and put toys in for the kids to play with, but, he’d rather play with everything else. There’s this big table (with LOTS of buttons and levers) on it and I was certain he couldn’t harm it or turn it on, but I did not want him touching it. He went over to it and I said, “Keaton. No sir. Do not touch.” He pointed to it. Said, “No” and shook his head no and walked away! Woohoo! NOW if I can just keep him from climbing on the couch when I “run” upstairs to go to the bathroom!!! ugh!

His brother is another mover and shaker. This little guy moves all day long. We were laying in bed last night and Zach was massaging my feet (because he’s awesome and does that almost every night) and I was watching TV and just enjoying feeling Benjamin move about. And then Zach says, “WOAH!” I didn’t even have to see my tummy, I knew it was a big movement…I just laughed…all day…every day…He’s just in there moving all around!

On Sunday, my friend Carrie and I are getting together and sewing. We’ve been talking about this for…5.5 months now?! We’re going to make a Mei Tei carrier for when Benjamin gets here! I found the cutest fabric at JoAnne’s and I can’t wait to see the end result!

I can’t think of anything else new at the moment…

My crazy boy – check out Jack-o-lantern mouth! ((YES it’s driving me crazy…)) Giving Mommy kisses!
Love that cheesy grin (and the ADORABLE PJs!)
Here’s me roughly 26 weeks pregnant with Keaton…
Here’s me roughly 26 weeks with Benjamin! (And Keaton SCREAMING because I said, “NO. Do NOT touch the camera!”)

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