The newest adventure


For about 6 weeks or so, Keaton has been leaking out his diaper at night (this was NEVER a problem until recently – there’d be the occasional accident, but not a nightly thing) So, we decided to give cloth a try at night. I was/am very nervous about this adventure. Keaton is a super soaker to say the least! He can fill up a diaper like no other!

My friend, Hollie, suggested using pre-folds with a cover and even gave me two pre-folds to get started. She gave me some suggestions and warned that he would have a huge bum at bedtime (this DEFINITELY called for pictures!) So, we took one of his BumGenius diapers and stuffed it with a pre-fold (this will NOT be our final option, we just needed something immediate. If it works, we’ll be getting some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps…say that 5 times fast!) and then with a tri-fold hemp insert from our Pocket Change diapers. So 6 layers…and we actually folded the pre-fold a bit in the front (to make it fit inside the BumGenius diaper) so …in the front he’s got…9 layers to get through!!!

Normally, bed time is a calming time, NOT picture time! šŸ˜‰ However, big bum calls for pictures, haha!

What are they doing to me now?


HAHA! We did NOT tell him to do this! He posed all on his own!

My guys šŸ™‚

I like big butts… šŸ˜‰

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