#8, #9, no house & 3 years


That’s right! Two more teeth! His poor gums look SO awful…he has one of his top, right molars coming in and then one of his top, left molars coming (In addition to the bottom, right I found yesterday). Bottom left is swollen as well, so I’m sure #10 will be showing up in no time. I knew that once they started coming they wouldn’t stop. Whew, I feel SO bad for him! And some how through it all he’s managing to still sleep through the night (for the most part, an occasional scream here and there, haha!) Naps…that’s another story. One we won’t share 😉

No house. So Nicolle calls right about the time she would have been calling to say she was getting close to our apt. for us to ride together and the tone of her voice, I just broke down into tears. She had been talking with an agent in her office that specializes in this particular area and she could not believe that Nicolle was showing a house to someone on that street. It apparently is “beyond ghetto” according to this agent. And if she had kids there’s “no way” she would even think about living in that area.

So, Zach and I went driving into Louisburg and Zebulon tonight…deciding that we just want to buy a bunch of land and build our own house 😉 But since we can’t do that right now (we WILL … one day!) the search continues. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as it’s getting frustrating and living surrounded by packed boxes is not much fun! (But I have to pack now, while I still have the energy!)

So, who knows what tomorrow holds! More teeth…a house?!? A ministry position for Zach with a house included!!! haha! 😉 We shall see 🙂

In other (more exciting!) news, today is mine & Zach’s 3 year anniversary! What a busy, but blessed 3 years we’ve had! Every day is an adventure and I look forward to every day to see what is in store for us! A little trip down memory lane…

Me coming down the aisle! (I LOVE those flowers!!!!)

Me & my hubby

Us & our best people – Angela & Brian

Us & all our people! – Angela, Emily, Meagan, Brian, Mark, Ted, Van, Michael & Abby

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! YAY for 3 years! Ours is coming up too, in August. Doesn’t time just fly?! 🙂

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