Pregnancy Moments


I had quite a few (a day) with Keaton, but mommy brain took over and I can’t remember those anymore. However, lately, especially since the move, I’ve had more than my fair share. Almost everyday since moving in, I will wash myself with shampoo and put body wash in my hair. It frustrates me to no end! (However, it’s always a surprise how my hair will smell since I think I own the world’s largest body wash collection…right honey??) πŸ™‚

I’ve been without my erasable calendar on the wall by the door which keeps my whole life organized. I had a chiro appt. last week, made the next appt., walked out the door, turned around and walked back in, and apologized to the receptionist. I had just “double booked” my afternoon – scheduling a chiro appt. at the exact same time I’m supposed to be at UNC for my midwife appt. I felt so bad, she just laughed it off.

Also, since moving, (for those who don’t know, we only moved roughly 5 miles down the road from our old apt.) I cannot remember how to get ANYwhere. I have to spend a good 10 minutes figuring out which direction I should go in.

I haven’t had too many “butterfinger” moments. But today took the cake. Zach graciously took Keaton to the store for groceries so I could rest. Upon their return, I took Keaton in my arms and a bag of groceries into the kitchen while Zach went back to the car for the rest. In this bag happened to be a box of pasta salad mix and 2 jars of spaghetti sauce. I took the pasta salad mix out of the bag, which pulled the bag slightly off the counter. Next thing I know, it look like a mass murder had been committed and there was a busted (huge) jar of spaghetti sauce all over our kitchen floor (walls, fridge, stove, UNDER the pantry and laundry room doors, dishwasher and even a piece of glass on the carpet in the dining room.) I’m SO glad I was holding Keaton. I remember as it was falling saying, “There it goes!” But I just couldn’t do anything about it. After the freak-out moment passed, Keaton said, “Wow!” & clapped! haha! Such a boy πŸ™‚ As soon as I heard Zach come back through the door, I screamed that I was OK and what he was about to see was NOT blood but in fact one of our scared jars of spaghetti sauce (he even used a coupon!!!)

We got more unpacking done yesterday thanks ALL to Christina who came to chase around Keaton while Zach & I unpacked. We got a lot done that would not have gotten done without her help! The piano is now in Benjamin’s room AND we finally, after a week, got our dining room table set up and actually ate dinner on it!

OH! And one more great story πŸ™‚ Tonight, as Keaton was heading down the hall with Zach to get ready for bed, I said, “Hey bud, come tell me good night!” and he came running back (normally, Zach carries him or I have to “chase” him down…chase being a relative term!) And I knelt down and he leaned into me and I gave him a kiss and he puckered his lips and said, “mmm” (he gets his hugs & kisses confused sometimes and “mmmm’s” with kisses instead of hugs, haha!) and then gave me a huge wet, slobbery kiss (that only a mama could love!) on the mouth! hahaha!!! I had tears in my eyes – both of hysterics and love! He went running down the hall after Zach and I said “Good night sweet pea” and he came running back, gave my leg a hug and took off to shut his door (something he loves to do!) After a day where I said more times than I can count, “I’m so done” (referring to this pregnancy) …where I was SO exhausted from waking up 5 times last night to use the bathroom…where I was so frustrated with my “pregnancy” moments…that completely made my day!

Now, that I’ve bored you with stories, here’s some pictures πŸ™‚

This picture is here for two reasons:
1) We have a fabulous couple in our small group who have an amazing IKEA chair. Whenever we have small group at their house, I snag the chair because it is so comfy! Well, we decided that we wanted to buy one for our living room. Well, I emailed Kris to make sure I was looking at the correct style and she informed me that they were planning on re-doing their office (where their Poang chair was) and getting rid of that chair. She & her husband were wondering we we wanted it – for FREE!! Um, YES! πŸ™‚ So, Zach went over Friday afternoon after work and picked it up for me. I absolutely love it – and so does Keaton! πŸ™‚
2) this is the last picture before Keaton got another haircut (#2). He didn’t do as well this time, but he was having a rough, sleepy morning. He pretty much cried the entire time and held on to my finger with a death grip. But anywho – pre-hair cut…

Post-hair cut! My big boy!!!!

Tonight before bed, Zach was reading “10 Little Dinosaurs” to Keaton and he was running around signing “more” in between dinosaurs. It was too cute. I also got a 2 minute video of Zach reading it to Keaton, which I will be SURE to post πŸ˜‰

Keaton making sure Zach’s reading it right….

You know the gums are hurting when your baby looks like this…

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