One of those weird pregnancy things…



I never believed it until it happened with Keaton. I just cleaned and cleaned and threw stuff out and organized and moved things around. It was always a surprise when Zach would come home – what would be different?!

This go round, however – I haven’t had the time and that “boost” of energy never seemed to find me! (Well, it did about 3 weeks before we found out we were moving, but I couldn’t very well organize things when we knew we’d be moving soon! So I just packed…) Now that we’ve moved – I expended all that energy and that’s why there’s still piles of boxes everywhere…I’m too tired to do anything about them!

Well, as I mentioned yesterday – Keaton is teething. For those who don’t know, that means really gross poops. And since we’re cloth diapering, I have to wash those poops (I knew that was part of the deal when we signed up for this, and I don’t usually think about it, but last night was different)

I’ll spare the details, but basically, I needed to run the diapers through an extra cycle before they were REALLY clean, ahem… So, I kept thinking, I should really clean the washer…

Back up – until about a year ago, I never knew you COULD clean a washer! No offense, mom, but I never saw her do it! I never HEARD of cleaning your washer! (anyone else?!?) And then, I randomly found a website that gave step-by-step details on doing just this. The washer we had at the time came with the house that Zach bought before we were dating (ie: it was old!) I followed the step by step instructions to a T and about 2 months later, the washer stopped working! Apparently, it needed all that…gunk to keep on trucking! (I do not feel there was any correlation between the cleaning of the washer and it’s death!) We were blessed by some friends in our small group who bought us a used washer & dryer pair (They match!!) and I remember thinking when they brought it over, “I should clean it…” But remembering the untimely death of our old washer, I decided against it…

Fast forward – We’ve been cloth diapering for…almost 8 months now and last night was the first time I thought, “Hm…we should clean this thing…” (we = me) 😉 I had to scour the Internet for the directions, but I found them…

It’s on the last rinse cycle right now, but I can already tell a difference!

Here’s the website that I used (for those curious minds…or those nesting…or those w/ a Monk complex and need to clean everything!) It’s super easy to do (just don’t think about the water you’re “wasting” and I can testify that your clothes WILL seem much cleaner after doing this! I just hope our washer doesn’t pass on!

There was also a little tidbit at the bottom that said to use distilled white vinegar instead of fabric softener. (we don’t use liquid fabric softener in the wash, but I do use dryer sheets on our clothes) So, I’m wondering if anyone has tried this??? Does it reduce static???


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  1. We use dryer sheets too… No fabric softener for us! Too expensive, LOL! I know vinegar makes the towels unstinky though… I don’t know if the no static afterwards is due to that though… But it might be!

  2. I haven’t ever heard of cleaning your washer! But, I think I’ll wait a couple months and make sure yours is still working before I think about giving it a try! HaHa!

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