What?! We bought a WHAT?!


So, since we have known of another baby coming, we’ve talked about buying a van. Actually…after Keaton was born we talked about it, just for trip purposes – we’re not what you’d call “light packers” 🙂 Well, we knew this would definitely have to change with #2 on the way.

About 2-3 months ago, we went and test drove a Kia Sedona and really liked it! Unfortunately, it was a 2008, amazing and way out of our price range! So, we continued to look around, but not super hard. We knew this wasn’t something that had to be done before Benjamin was born, but it would be nice (especially since we bought a double stroller and it wouldn’t fit in the trunk of my Saturn!)

So, it’s been on Zach’s “to-do” list for a couple of weeks to call the Kia dealership and see what kind of deal we could get on a used Sedona. I found one this morning on their website that I really liked and wanted Zach to call about it…that was at 820am. It’s 116pm and we own a van…


Unfortunately, the black one that I saw on the website had already sold, but the salesman was more than happy to show us another one “in the same price range.” Since we didn’t have a sitter for Keaton, I had to go on the test drive myself with the guy – insert 15 minutes of awkward conversation here 😉

I really liked it – it drove great, some of the parts of the carpet are already colored, so I don’t have to have a conniption when Keaton leaves a crayon to melt on the carpet 😉 The damage has already been done! 🙂

It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet…I’m now one of “those mom’s”…I did shed a couple of tears as we left my Ion behind in the Kia parking lot. I truly loved that car! It was such a blessing & it was such a faithful car! I just pray that this van will be the same…

I’ve now left Georgina (my 91 Civic) and Zoe (the 05 Ion) behind…I need a name for my new silver beaut 🙂 ((Pictures will come, just not at the moment))

For now, I’m just going to sit and enjoy the Olympics and do a little house cleaning as we’re having our friends, Mat & Daisy over for dinner this evening.


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