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I took B to the chiro today because we’re having some nursing issues. Basically, he’ll scream bloody murder when I try to get him to nurse on one side. We met with the Lactation Consultant and she agreed with me that it was most likely an alignment thing from his positioning (being transverse for so long) because there really isn’t an issue on the other side. So, we made the trek in and everyone was so excited to finally meet the little man! Dr. Davis was awesome – as she has been with me and Keaton. Basically, one whole side of him is off and making it hard for him to turn his head to that side to nurse. Another issue is with his jaw being really off making it hard for him to keep the “nursing motion” going for long amounts of time. So she did all she needed to to him (basically, very light massage…and I was very jealous!) and she said with a couple of adjustments we should have this resolved. Although it was still a long and frustrating evening (we don’t seem to have any problems during the day) and night, I could see some improvement.

We all go back in on Monday and I’m so looking forward to relieving these aches from the delivery (and sleeping on the hospital bed!!)

Keaton took my tank top and started wearing it like a cape…our super hero! ๐Ÿ˜€ ((can I say again how thrilled I am to be a mama to boys!!!))

My Sugar Lump (I kept calling him Sweet Pea …and I already have one of those so until some other name comes along, B is Sugar Lump!)

Keaton rockin’ out on his guitar ๐Ÿ™‚


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