Yes, more pictures – and # 13!


My brain isn’t functioning enough to actually write much! πŸ˜‰ While Benjamin napped (way better than Keaton EVER did, might I add!) we had some picture fun…

Benjamin did allow me a (roughly) 7 hour stretch of sleep last night!!! it was so wonderful! He finished nursing about 630pm and I put him in his swing, expecting him to wake an hour or so later…I went to bed to lay down around 7 to wait for his cries. I woke up at 11pm and had Zach go check on him. At 2ish, he woke up to nurse again! I don’t know the last time I got that much sleep! – not in the past 10 months that’s for sure!

This morning, I was checking on the tooth situation and I noticed #13 popping through! Top right “fang” tooth… – and then Keaton bit me…stinker…

My guys – Keaton looks SO big here!

Ok….. πŸ˜‰

He bit the hand that feeds him….

Keaton – he’s typically doing something crazy like that!

I’ll do anything to hear the infectious laughter that comes out of that mouth!

Zach & Keaton being cheesy….

Zach and Keaton being normal….

Zach & Keaton doing “Blue Lightening” (before I had the heart to tell him it was blue steel…)

Zach & Keaton being GQ…

My mom bought these pants for Keaton a few months back and I thought I was going to have to wait til fall to break em out. (Un)Fortunately, all I had to do was have a baby and get way behind on laundry and run out of clean clothes that fit my child! Anywho – I just think the pants are stinkin’ adorable! My mom bought Keaton a UVA t-shirt that will go perfectly with them! I can’t wait for cooler weather (well, I can, but not for that outfit!)

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