Dump trucks & Baked Ziti

Nothing crazy and exciting. Except Keaton got his first dump truck. He LOVES it…and the fact that it makes noise is even better! 😉 Bebe was in town for a quick trip and while at Target we found it and Keaton’s world hasn’t been the same since! It even came with three rocks that you can put in it and move them around. What more can you ask for?!
Hard at work, loading the rocks!
I could eat that sweet, precious face!
Off to the next job!
The quickest way to get somewhere!
Of course, we must taste the rocks 😉

We’ve been awesomely blessed by our church family once again and have had many meals since Benjamin was born. What a blessing to not have to worry about meals and getting them made during this crazy adjustment! Thank you to everyone who has provided us with a meal so far. However, tonight’s meal, provided by the Creswell’s, was enjoyed GREATLY by Keaton. He kept “mmmm’mmmm”ing and whispering “yummy yummy” throughout the meal! 🙂

“Thank you Aunt Lindsay!!!!!”

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