Prayers for my Sweet Pea


If you think of it, pray for our little monster. He’s had a horrible cough that keeps coming and going. Last Monday, I took him in and the pedi. gave us an antibiotic and cough suppressant and said, “Give it a week or bring him back if he starts wheezing/sounding like a seal.” Well, he started the seal sound at around 1am. We gave him some of his cough medicine to see if that would help him get back to sleep. It allowed him to rest, but I don’t think he did much more sleeping.

I took him in first thing this morning and the pedi is afraid to call it bronchitis because he didn’t sound like a seal while we were there (I wanted to tell her we’d stick around until he did it again because I knew it was only a matter of time!) but we got a prescription for one last antibiotic. If this doesn’t work in roughly 5 days, we’re going to start on breathing treatments (refer to this post to see why I am NOT excited about doing that!)

As if that wasn’t enough, we already had an appointment scheduled with the chiro this afternoon for Benjamin and his awful latch while nursing. (atleast he’s not biting, right!!!) 🙂 So, I have that to look forward to in 2 hours.

Right now, both boys are sleeping, I’m going to grab some lunch and see if I can’t snooze a bit myself.

Seriously. It’s Wednesday. It feels like a Monday!


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