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**Written Friday, posted Saturday…that’s what happens with kids 😉

Well, I measured Benjamin this morning (completely unofficial, and I’m sure a tad off) but he’s around 24.5inches!!! And weighs a ton – Dr. Davis agreed! 🙂 Great news! It was 5 days since his last adjustment and his jaw was “perfect”!!!! Yay! We’re aiming to not go back til next Thursday – we’ll see if we make it!

I’m anxious to get to his 2 month appt. just to see how much he weighs! 🙂

Keaton’s personality has been shining lately. He is DEFINITELY Zach’s child! 🙂 As I sit typing this, he stands in front of me with a blue sun visor over his eyes cracking up at himself 🙂

I was starting to get worried because he doesn’t really “say” much (I know babies focus on one skill and take off with it and his has definitely been his physical side!) But lately, he’s saying a new word almost everyday (he still says “guh” and we STILL have no idea what it means!!!)

New words have been:
ball (bawl)
train (tain)
truck (tuck)
read (ree)
drink (deenk)
please (peese)
bye-bye (while waving) – withOUT being asked (that little tidbit is huge! haha)
“no” is still a favorite
“wow” (to everything!)

Funny story: I was pouring myself a root beer the other day and I was holding Keaton. He wanted a sip. I put a drop on my finger and let him taste. Of course, he “mmmmm”ed over it and started signing more. I said, “When you can say, ‘Mother, I would like some more root beer please’ I’ll give you more.” He looked at me, grinned, signed ‘more’, pointed to the drink and said, “please!” I repeated what I said before and he ‘repeated’ himself!!! He was communicating, so I let him have another finger taste…and then I put him down 😉

Now, why you’re really here….

Pretty much true in this house 😉
Can you see why I was laughing?
Like father, like son (for those who don’t know, Zach puts ketchup on EVERYthing)
He needs a shirt that reads, “Future Plumber” (no offense to any plumbers who may read this…)

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