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We made it the rest of the week without any more doctor’s appts. (minus a chiro appt. Thursday)

I’m happy to say – we are all HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!! Prayer and probiotics did the trick! Keaton has been taking it and he is completely over his congestion. Keaton is no longer congested either…and…the thrush is gone! Just in time for him to completely outgrow his cloth diapers! haha! 🙂

I moved my recipe blog here. Why? For a variety of reasons, but one, just because I wanted to play around on wordpress. I was going to switch this blog over there, but it wouldn’t transfer the pictures (anyone know how to get them to go over???) The other reason…well, I don’t feel I’m at liberty to really discuss it quite yet, but I should be able to in the next couple of days (NorthWakers, NO we are NOT pregnant!!!) But for now…The Jones’ Journey stays here 🙂

Zach’s parents came in this weekend…and between them shopping at the consignment sale and us hitting it at 50% off days, the boys have more clothes than they know what to do with! (And yet I still think of things they need!) They got Keaton a little back pack to wear & carry his stuff to church in. He looked like such a big boy with it on this morning! We also found out that this was his last Sunday in his current “Sunday school” class. Which makes me kind of sad (I heard that he has a lot of friends in there!) BUT, in talking with a friend who has a daughter in the next classroom, I have a lot to look forward to! She told me her little girl really took off in her vocab after moving to this next room, the toys are more challenging and they get to go outside (in winter…yay for colds and germs!!! haha) Zach and I agree that it’ll be good for him to be the “baby” in the room (he’s currently one of the oldest and the biggest…by a lot!) We’re so blessed at our church to have such an awesome (and huge) Children’s Ministry! As much as I would LOVE for Keaton to be in church with us, there is NO way (and we’ve tried!) he can be in there! He’s just too active (and loud!) And it’s good for him to be around other kids his age…He needs it!

Once again – why you’re really here….

Zach & B Saturday morning
Some of my favorite guys….
My sugar lump – he really is turning into a little lump!

Me & Keaton before church…he was screaming, but it looks like he’s laughing…right? 😉
Zach & Keaton this afternoon

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  1. 1. I didn’t even know you had a recipe blog until now! Thank You.2. You have me very curious with the whole “not a liberty to discuss” comment. 3. Pics 1 and 4 are my favs for this post!

  2. I didn’t know you had a recipe blog either, you domestic diva you!I don’t know how to get pictures to transfer to wordpress either, and they’re customer service dude didn’t help much. Oh well. Thus why, when I remember to, I still blog on blogspot, LOL! When I remember… Not that anyone reads it.

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