He did what?!? and BlogHer who-a-what-a?

Well, the most exciting news of the day… Benjamin slept thru the night!!!!!!! WOOHOO I don’t know how “official” it is, as he fell asleep around 1030 (according to Zach…I passed out LONG before that!) and slept til 530…then til 845! Woohoo!

The exciting news of the week…or month…or whatever! It’s official! I am now a part of the BlogHer network (blogs for &/or by women)! This basically just means that I now get paid to blog!!! We will NOT be making millions off my blog, but nice to know that I’ll receive SOMEthing in return for something I’ve grown to love doing! (It’s the wanna-be journalist in me!) You will see to your right, a side bar ad with various links in it – these links will take you to other blogs within the BlogHer network – feel free to click around and discover something new!!!

Back to us 😉

We had a 2nd Monday in a row with NO dr’s appts!!! How awesome is that?

K has his 18 month appt. Wednesday and I make the trek to UNC for my “6 week” check up (at 8 weeks post-partum…whatever) I’ll just be glad to not have to make that drive for some time!

Well, B is crying, so here’s the reason you’re here…

B does have hair…it’s just all in the back. He rocks the rat-tail 😉

K wanting to play with the camera….

So, yeh, K didn’t fit in this outfit until he was about 3 months old…(for the record, B is 7 weeks and 3 days!)

B has many faces!
Happy baby!!

Sleepy baby!

Irritated baby!

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