Beans, Beans, good for your heart OR When good foods go bad!


I’d been planning for weeks to make chili…Mid-October, should be perfect, right?? Yeh, well, it ended up being 80 degrees today! We still ate it & it was amazing (if I may say so!)

We weren’t sure if Keaton would like it or not but, why not give it a try…
All was going well until he rubbed his chili covered hand in his eye!!

Despite the incident, he went on to eat 1.5 bowls of it!!! Made me so happy to know he enjoyed it!

Sunday afternoon, Zach had a bit ‘o fun with Benjamin and his burp cloth…

Then Keaton had fun…
A close-up of my Sugar Lump
We broke out the bumbo tonight

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  1. I have also fed Hunter chili beans…he loved them. (I think it was the spices added to his life!) He may have loved them going in but I have vowed to not feed him those again until he is potty trained.

  2. Yeh, I’m dreading it…but beans are packed with protein, so I’m hoping it won’t be too bad! 😉 Silly boy ate almost an entire can of corn the other night with dinner – THAT’S been a lot of fun 😉

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