Re-cap of the week


We didn’t have a super busy week, yet, I feel like so much happened!

Last Friday, we made the trek to UNC for my “6 week check-up” (Benjamin turned 9 weeks yesterday, what can you do?!) and I got all checked and cleared for life as normal! No more UNC for awhile! I got to see my favorite midwife and she got to love on Benjamin. I will miss seeing her, but not miss that drive! Whew (OR the parking garage!) 😉

Benjamin slept thru the night quite a few nights this week! That was SO nice! However, towards the end of the week, he started getting very gassy and very fussy. He was also, once again, having a hard time latching on when nursing. So, we went to see our chiro (Hi Dr. Davis!) on Thursday morning. All afternoon he screamed and screamed and scre…ok, you get the idea. Dr. Davis was oh-so-kind to help me through email and give me tip and tricks. We went back Friday morning and he’s been SO much happier since then! I’m not sure what it was…

Now we’re just waiting on Bebe to get here for a last minute trip!

We’re going to get Keaton some shoes (poor kid, all he has is sandals and it’s 50 degrees outside!!! That’s fine for me, but not for my sweet pea!) and some fabric so I can get back into sewing…I have an itch that I need to scratch 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my 200th post/1st giveaway!!! It’s open until Oct. 31st at 9pm!!! At that time, I’ll draw a winner and post that here on my blog (as well as email the winner!)

Also, be sure to be checking my recipe blog, I just posted a TON of recipes there yesterday!

After we get this fabric, I’m hoping to be able to open a site and start selling some things! (Wraps, burp cloths, blankets to match, taggy blankets, pillow case dresses/shirts, purses, …who knows what else!) 🙂

One last thing! We have B’s 2 month appt. Tuesday afternoon. I’m very curious to see how much he weighs and how long he is (see picture below!) Feel free to participate in the poll to the left!

My Sweet Pea

My Sugar Lump 🙂

I never mentioned B’s ear because I wanted to get a picture of it first (just the way I’d mention it would make it sound worse than it really is!) When he was born, we immediately noticed that he had part of his ear “missing” (See how bad that sounded!) The dr’s. all think it’s because of the way he was laying (transverse for so stinkin’ long!) in my belly or just because God made him that way! It doesn’t affect his hearing at all (he passed his newborn screening) it’s just something that makes him special and unique!

A family in our small group (Thank you Jolley’s!) brought us a meal (two actually, yum, yum thank you!!!) after B was born and they brought this ADORABLE towel for Keaton!!!

See what I mean!? he’s SO long!!! And are those not the cutest Pjs you ever saw?!!

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