Hair cuts & the park



After church today, we met up with Faye (who was our doula) and her family at the park for some play time. Sadly, this was the first time seeing her since B was born!!! She couldn’t get over how big he is now! (not that he was small 10 weeks ago! haha!) Keaton had a grand time running around

B all wrapped up in his wrap. Which I’m now starting to sell! They will be called Kendi wraps – Kendi is African for “The Loved One” 🙂 I have some testing and tweaking to do but I’m SO excited to start this new adventure!!!

Keaton busted his lip at church. He did a face plant in the santuary. On our way home, I turned around to look at him at a red light and blood was running off his lip! He seems to have forgotten about it, but his lip is pretty yucky looking!

We also voted early today! One location here is right at the park. When we got there, the line was so long. We weren’t planning on voting, and after seeing the line, we had totally dismissed the idea. But after the line disappeared, we decided to give it a try. We each took a kid and did our thing – I mean, our American responsibility!

I made chili for dinner…once again it was a beautiful day…with a high of 70…ugh – ONE day I will make chili when it’s cold out!

And I have NO idea what is going on with blogger and the pictures and weird spacing…but whatever. I’m too tired to fix it and figure it out! 🙂

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