I think Keaton is Psychic…



Everyday, Benjamin falls asleep…

THE SECOND his eyes close, Keaton wakes up screaming…

It’s been a long week with bad napping…

I have this horrid thought that I wake up and tomorrow is only Wednesday (or, even worse, MONDAY)…It is Friday, right???

This weekend should be wonderful! My friend Whitney will be in town for her baby shower!!! She used to live here, then moved far far far away (Ok, not THAT far! But when her apt was less than a 30 second walk away…Charlotte is VERY far away!) I haven’t seen her…since…??? Too long ago! 🙂 Unfortunately, she’s only in town for a day and we can’t have one of our fabulous 4 hour conversations – we’ll save that for another day!

My mom is coming! Yay!!!

And…yes, that’s about it for now! Sleep is quickly calling! 🙂


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  1. Yes! This is how my girls prefer to nap as well. It’s as if they are ganging up on me: “Okay Rosalie, when I go down for a nap, you be sure to wake up so that mama isn’t alone and then when I wake up, you can have a rest.”

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