Raleigh, We Have a Problem!


I don’t know which problem is worse, so I’ll start with the first born.

Keaton, my little eating machine, has finally decided that eating is not needed anymore! I was really hoping we were going to skip this stage of toddler-hood! Now, since he did eat an entire PB&J sandwich at lunch and even asked, by signing, for more, it very well could be that his cold is just causing too much drainage to eat…but this has been going on for a week now. The child only wants to eat, teething biscuits, waffles and toast! I did get some encouragement from this site and this site (as well as some BTDT -been there, done that- mama’s on facebook!) Any other advice is greatly welcome 🙂

Benjamin is a mama’s boy! Susan, my mother-in-law, commented this weekend on how much B seemed to really enjoy the close contact (while being in the wrap) and just being held and snuggled close in general. Now, I love this as much as the next mama. However, yesterday, B was napping in the swing and I was snuggling on the couch reading with K. B woke up and I just happened to look over about that time. He looked at me, stuck out his lip and started pouting. I put K down and B started grinning. I picked up K, the lip and pouting. I put K down, he grinned!!

Ohhhhh boy! These guys are going to keep me on my toes!! 🙂

Here are some pictures:

B in his bumbo!

Cheesy grin from my sweet pea

My chunky almost 4 month old!

B in the onesie K wore 8 days before his 1st birthday!!!

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  1. avery definately doesn’t eat all that! im lucky if i can get half of it in him. i can’t force him to eat it either. i do let him snack when he wants too…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet. wish it was summer so we had more fresh fruit! he loves fruit, but that’s def. not high calorie!we do the same thing with the cd. he wears 24 month/2t shirts, but 18month pants for the lenght. if i put a sposie on him the pants fall down! but the cloth keeps them right up!

  2. You have two handsome boys! Mine is only 6 months old, so I’ll definitely be watching out for your mommying advice! 😉

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