Picture Overload!

Keaton, why is Benjamin crying? (for the record – K did nothing to B. B was upset that I left his sight for 30 seconds to go get K out of his crib when he woke up from his nap…ahem – mama’s boy…) 😉

Here’s the ‘meal’ Keaton made for me one afternoon 🙂
Seconds after ‘pee pee on the potty‘…I’ve been meaning to update: Since this happening, K won’t go near the kid pot! haha! He’ll still go into the bathroom, but he has NO desire to sit on it!! YAY!
Whenever Benjamin takes a bottle and he’s super tired, he starts rubbing his head, it is so sweet 🙂

Ok….and how did you do this, Keaton? WHY did you do this?
Keaton had a bowl of cereal for breakfast the other morning, it went great! He loved it!

Wait – Mommy wants me to go where to college?! (Though from his PJs, you’d think I’d have some Crimson Tide thoughts…)
There’s my ‘lil’ sugar lump in all his glory! 🙂 I want to pinch every, chunky roll!
Even though it had only been about 6 weeks or so since K’s last hair cut, he had to tilt his head back to see anything…to me, that meant he needed another hair cut. Since it was my birthday, I wasn’t going to deal with it! I sent Zach (and his parents!) to do the dirty work (apparently, afterwards, Keaton was glaring at Zach from the backseat!) He HATES getting his hair cut (he doesn’t have the cape on because it scares him…)(sorry for the blur!) But now he can see!!!!

And that was our New Years/Birthday weekend! 🙂

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  1. I love that the hair salon picture! My husband is a barber & I have the funniest pictures of Hayden (now 3) getting his first hair cuts at the barber shop. He's a pro now & gets his cuts at home with no fuss.

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