A Fun Surprise!


Zach got off work early! This never happens and it was great that it happened on a snow day (OK, it was because of the snow that he got off early, but still!)

He was able to come home and we got the boys outside and even got our first family picture….yes, B is 5 months old and this is the ONLY picture of the 4 of us! How sad is that?

My sweet B πŸ™‚

SUCH a sweet picture πŸ™‚

He even got to eat dinner with Keaton & me, which only happens on the weekends, so that was great too (good thing I planned to make a meal and not just re-heat leftovers!) πŸ™‚

Also, I’m coordinating a freezer meal swap with some friends from church (and a couple others outside of our church!) and I’m so excited! Basically, we eat make a meal in bulk, freeze it, then swap it. There’s 6 families in my group, so I made 6 (and then some extras!) batches of manicotti and stuck it in the freezer. On Saturday, I’ll leave one for us, pull out 5, hand them out at the swap and then, put 5 other meals back in the freezer. It’ll be great to just pull a meal out and throw it in the oven – and that’s all I have to do for dinner. I’m not sure what the other ladies are cooking, except for one. She’s made talapia. I’m excited. We don’t eat fish (well, I like flounder and orange ruffy, and the appetizer shrimp at Japanese steakhouses!) but I’ve heard that talapia is very yummy! So, I had intended on showing the step-by-step of my 6+ batches of manicotti, but it was VERY messy. So here is before….
And after….

Normally, our freezer is SO packed that you have to stand back when you open it, but we’ve been eating leftovers like they’re going out of style to make room for the swap!

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  1. I’m SO disappointed! I wanted to see the “in progress” pictures! 😦 LOL! And, yeah! How is it that you have a four month old kid and this is the FIRST family photo???? I’ve actually been waiting on one to replace the old one I’ve got. now I can steal this one! πŸ˜€

  2. I’m impressed by the cleanliness of your freezer! I’d NEVER take a picture of mine for the world to see:) Let me know when the next swap is and I can be worked into a group somewhere… I’d love to join in the fun!

  3. Sorry I couldn’t work it out to do the swap! It sounds so….yummy!That family photo was definitely worth the wait. It’s great. Captures a lot of personality πŸ™‚

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