It happened!!!


To start, some sweet pictures of my sugar….

those eyes!!!

Here’s what happened!! It actually snowed in Raleigh, NC! This was at about 730am! It continued to come down until about 1230pm.
I took K out before B woke up. He loved it!!
And then he fell down…

& then it wasn’t fun anymore (this picture doesn’t capture the screams escaping his mouth!)

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  1. How fun! We were supposed to get snow. We got a dusting :(. Ellie had fun watching the snowflakes fall. Three out of Ron’s six stores got 2-4 inches, the other three got nothing. Did you take B out when he woke up?

  2. I just realized the other day that to the right of your blog, it tracks me from Athens Texas!!! LOL! I come here all the time…love your blog. And I am super jealous of the snow…the kids want it so bad!Love B’s eyes..reminds me of my boy! Careful…you have to stand strong when they try to win you over after they’ve done something bad!!!!

  3. Whitney – I didn’t take B out…naps didn’t line up to do so…it’s ok…it’s too cold, lol šŸ™‚ In Cary, they got 6 inches!!!And Jamie – those eyes are killer…ugh, lol

  4. OK, Terra….where are the *gloves*? No wonder he screamed šŸ™‚ Don’t I sound like an old grandma?

  5. we don’t HAVE gloves for him!!! haha!!! And all his socks were dirty…::hanging head in shame::…laundry is being done as we speak šŸ˜‰

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