We have a….


Keaton climbed out of his crib….again.

I was REALLY hoping we’d make it til his 2nd birthday without the toddler bed, but, I’m thinking it’s closer than we’d like…

A friend suggested I not waste my ‘energy’ disciplining for him climbing out, but just make the switch…I’d rather him stay in the crib though.

Last time he did this, I put him in the crib and asked him to show me how he did it and he couldn’t figure it out.

Today, he was ALL too eager to show me how he threw his leg in the air and pulled himself over.

It looks neigh impossible that he could do it – it is QUITE a stretch, but sure enough, he is…



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  1. We have saved our energy, money and time twice now (in my opinion) and we move the kids to twin beds WAY before they ever climb out. Now, Joshua has climbed in a crib MANY times 🙂 but that is a whole different story. I don’t use toddler beds, too much trouble for me 🙂 That is just my two cent though, I know many people love toddler beds…just thought I would share 🙂

  2. I love the “ALL too eager”. I can imagine him doing it :). Does your crib transition to a toddler bed? I don’t remember. If it doesn’t, I’d just put a twin mattress on the floor. That way if he falls out he’s close to the floor. That’s just me though.

  3. but he’s a cute little monkey! lolavery has been in a twin bed since at least sept i think. I agree and just go with a twin bed as he will need one eventually…unless of course his crib turns into a toddler bed. goodluck!

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