I’m here!


It’s been a couple days, all is Ok…just one very tired mama here.

Benjamin went through a serious growth spurt. He slowly led up to it Sunday afternoon/evening. However, for about 12 hours (midnight Monday morning – lunch time Monday) he pretty much nursed non-stop. I was about to lose it. Monday afternoon, he slowed down and is back to ‘normal’ now. He’s back to waking up once a night to eat, and that’s fine and dandy, I’m just getting used to being with out that hour or so of sleep again.

We’ll be starting solids in a couple weeks and in that starting, we’ll be starting with oatmeal. After some research, I decided I wanted to try this oatmeal…here is the conversation that preceded the purchasing of the oatmeal…

Me to Zach: I was researching and I think I found the oatmeal I want to get for Benjamin…
Zach: OK…
Me: It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s way better than the Gerber or anything…It’s got probiotics in it and DHA which is very important…
Zach: …yeh…how much?
Me: ((to sum up, I broke down the math and told him why we HAD to order it off amazon IMMEDIATELY because of a sale….))
Zach: OK, sounds good…What’s it called?
Me: Happy Bellies….
Zach: …..of course it is…

Love you honey 🙂

I’m excited to get back to making our own baby food (well, not OUR baby food, but Benjamin’s…)

And pray for Keaton. We’ve had to start breathing treatments again. He coughed all night. I’m giving it a day and I’ll take him in tomorrow (probably where we picked up the germies in the first place) I’m hoping with the 65 degree weather today and some open windows, we can air out the house and get rid of it!

I tried to get a good picture of B’s teeth – but that didn’t work…so here’s a blurry version…

Here he is Monday night, passed out after non stop nursing….(notice the bottle…mama needed a break! I wasn’t worried about keeping up my supply…I think there’s enough milk for every baby in the church! haha)

Here’s my sweet boys playing 🙂

My extremely, super talented friend Carrie (who is famous in our house for her Chicken Dish) made these super, fun blocks for the boys when Benjamin was born. Keaton has loved them from the start, but Benjamin started to play with them today…

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