For a couple weeks now, Keaton has been saying, “Lo” …he wouldn’t show me what ‘Lo’ meant and I have been having the hardest time figuring it out.

On Monday, I thought it might mean color. I handed him his crayons and some paper and he sat at his table and colored for about an hour!

On Wednesday, he started saying “Kilo”…what??

Thursday erupted into an episode of him SCREAMING “kilo” at me. I had NO earthly idea what he was talking about! I kept telling him to show me, but he wouldn’t. When I was making his lunch, he came running in the kitchen and screamed, “KILO!!” I sat on the floor and said, “Sweet Pea, I have no idea what kilo is. I need you to show me because I don’t understand.” He was almost in tears and kept saying “kilo ….kilo…kilo…” I felt just as frustrated as he did because I knew this had to be something important!

After 5 minutes of “kiiiiiiloooooooo” and tears, Keaton pointed to the refrigerator and screamed, “KIIIIILOOOOOO”…I looked and he was pointing to this….

He first pointed to “Keaton” and screamed at me, “KI” and then pointed to his coloring and said, “LO!” and then repeated – KI- LO….Ki-LO!!!!!!!!!!!!…Got it…Keaton…color…. πŸ™‚ He colored after lunch πŸ™‚

Also – Congrats to Alicia who guessed correctly….

It was a heart wreath –

So as promised – Alicia has a super fun Etsy shop – The Purple Shamrock filled with beautiful photographs she has taken! My favorite has to be this amazing sunflower! Alicia and I were room mates at Mars Hill College, my sophomore year. We traveled together to her home of GA and visited Stone Mountain and met Mac Powell from Third Day. I have a picture of a lady from the concert standing infront of us signing to a song, however it looks like her thumb is stuck up her nose because of the angle. Alicia and I sat in front of our TVs on September 11 (after I woke her up by turning on the TV to see what was going on) and watched the news coverage. We went to the Red Cross that day to give blood, but they were ‘full’ – we never went back (hahaha) We organized a candle light vigil on campus that week (I can’t remember if it was that day or the next)…and then swam in the fountain on campus! She graciously hosted a beautiful baby shower for us when I was pregnant with Keaton. We came with an empty car and left barely able to close the trunk thanks to her (her husbands job at Target!) and other amazing friends from Mars Hill!

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  1. isn’t it fun trying to decipher what they are saying? glad you finally got it! poor guy…love the wreath too!

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