An “It’s A Small World” Giveaway!

You know the ‘old song’, It’s A Small World…after all….it’s a small…OK πŸ™‚ Well, I have a giveaway from someone that fits the bill.

My 3rd college I attended (haha!) was MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University). After I graduated from there in 2004, I returned home to Virginia and in Dec. of 05, after marrying Zach in June, we moved to Wake Forest, NC to attend Seminary. We are nerdy and had researched churches online and knew exactly the ones we wanted to visit. We visited North Wake – and loved it. We tried a couple other churches, but nothing felt as right as North Wake did.

We joined the next new members class. We were waiting for the class to start and I looked to the back of the room and saw a couple walk in – Josh & Stephanie…I immediately knew that I went to MTSU with them. Another couple followed and I recognized them from MTSU as well…here we are…12 hours or so away from MTSU and there are 5 of us that graduated from there in the same room (I later learned of a handful of others that also attended MTSU that now live in the area!)

Anywho! While we didn’t really know each other very well, not more than a passing “hi”, I’ve gotten to know these fellow Blue Radiers a bit better!

Stephanie has a beautiful family now and a baby Raider of their own! She also has a fabulous etsy shop with beautiful cards, journal and bible covers, crayon wallets and quilted list takers. I love looking at her shop and all the beautiful fabrics!

I finally decided on what I wanted and she made me a beautiful journal cover for church and small group Bible study. I absolutely love it! I’ve had so many compliments on it!

Stephanie has offered one of her beautiful and oh-so-fun appliqued Moleskin journals to one of my readers! You can find them in her etsy shop here. The journal will be in standard size, but the winner chooses the applique. Not only that, but if you choose to buy something from her shop, she’ll offer FREE SHIPPING!! (Just mention The Jones’ Journey blog in “notes to seller” and she will refund you via paypal)

Here are some examples of her moleskin journals

How can you win? Easy…and for fun – I’ll give you multiple ways to win! Make sure for each thing you do, leave a separate comment – if you do all 5, leave 5. separate. comments. πŸ™‚

For one entry, visit her etsy shop and come back and tell me your favorite thing from her shop! (If you do not complete this, but do the others, you will be disqualified…I’m mean…) πŸ™‚

For another entry, follow my blog…see all those people hanging out on the left about half way down…jump in line behind them (and click “Follow This Blog”) πŸ™‚

For another entry, blog about this, linking to her site and my blog

For 2 extra entries, refer a friend to my blog! You have to say, “I referred Sally.” Sally has to say, “Ellen referred me.” πŸ™‚ (you only have to comment once for this – I will add you name by hand 1 extra time!)

Finally, for 5 extra entries (!!!!) buy something from her site, come back and tell me what you bought (I will confirm it with Stephanie!) (you only have to comment once for this – I will add you name by hand 4 extra times!)

Is that fair??? You can get 10 entries!!!!

So, this will close on Feb. 28th at noon. I will draw a winner via shortly after lunchish time….

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  1. Terra – how amazing that you found these MTSU friends in Raleigh – fun! I must say that my favorite thing at ETCCards is the coloring wallet in brown floral! What a creative idea. And even though I don’t necessarily need it right now (unless I take it for Justin when we eat out or something) it seems so practical for kids and easy to carry along anywhere!

  2. Is it silly that I like the coloring wallet (Coloring Wallet – Fashionista, Jewel Mobile)? I’m sure it would come in handy in a couple of years (if I didn’t use it first).

  3. My favorite item on Stephanie’s etsy site is the Custom Bible Cover with Handles. What a cute way to tote your Bible, and pen, and journal!

  4. I “follow” your blog via an RSS feed on my favorites menu. I don’t have a Blogger or Google account thing to do the proper following and have my picture show up there. πŸ˜‰

  5. I bought a Custom Bible Cover with Handles from Stephanie because I just loved them so much! Plus, I like that I won’t have to carry my purse into church with me- I can fit all the essentials in the cover!

  6. Terra, I didn’t know you had an etsy shop also! I just checked it out. I became a follower and LOVE Stephanie’s coloring wallets. My favorite is the Alexander Henry “Traffic Jam” one. I have been meaning to get it for some time, but every time I have money on etsy I buy more fabric for future projects! I am trying to build up a stash to post on etsy very soon. It is so much fun. I plan on blogging about this by the end of the week, so check us out!

  7. love the coloring wallet in the alexander henry apples & pears print! thanks for the giveaway!msanchezmasi (at) fmtcs (dot) com

  8. So many cute things. I love the journals and the Thinking of You and Happy Birthday Birdies cards. Thanks for entering me :)zokiemichael(at)sisna(dot)com

  9. I really like the Quilted List Taker. What a great way to be stylish and organized!Thanks so much for sharing this Etsy shop with us, and thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Oooh I’m so impressed! I love everything in her shop! Most of all, I love the Patchwork Cards in Black. They have such a beautiful design and I love to send cards. Thanks so much for the giveaway!! –Michelle, blogattoday ($at} gmaildotcom

  11. Wow – everything is beautiful! My favorite is the Quilted List Taker – Alexander Henry French Provence.elissa at huebert dot org

  12. I love the journals. love the guitar print for my son (6) who is wanting his first journal.

  13. Hello fellow “church research nerd” – we did the same thing when we first got married and moved to a different place. How funny! But hey, didn’t ya feel prepared when you went to visit??? :)Anyway, I love the Coloring Wallet – Alexander Henry Traffic Jam in Blue. My son is huge in to cars, so this would definitely be a hit!!libby_design at yahoo dot com

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