Some photos…

You’re a…

Maybe Jaws would be a better name?
I hate the grainy quality of this picture, but it definitely shows how much K loves his little brother (& how thrilled B is with that!)

Yummy teething ring…
My sweet, sweet boys 🙂 The bruise on B’s forehead – thank you K…it was a swift kick to B’s head – pure accident! (Yes, B is that huge…)

We started sweet potatoes at lunch today – he loved – of course 🙂

I go in tomorrow to get my toe rechecked and make sure it’s healing properly from the surgery.

Bebe comes in this weekend (yay!!)

We have B’s 6 month checkup Monday morning.

And that’s about it for now! 🙂


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  1. It sounds like your day got better. Hopefully :). Or maybe you’re just trying to stay positive.

  2. You say maybe “Jaws” might be a better name for Keaton…I think it’s hilarious, he comes by it honestly…looking up at your blog title photo. Like father like son! 🙂

  3. Thanks Marci! I entered! 🙂 Brian – you are too funny – he does get it honest though 😉 And Whitney – my day did get a bit better – though none of those pictures were taken on the afternoon of the crummy day 😉

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