Tons of pictures & update on Keaton


Well, around lunchtime, the mommy in me just wasn’t comfortable with how K was acting. His fever had gone down to 101.2, but he had the goopiest eyes (and yes, it sounds as gross as I made it sound…), no energy and just down right miserable looking.

So, I called and made the dreaded appointment (and it went WAY better than Monday!)

Long story short – he has a sinus infection “gone awry” – it’s spread and so on top of all the lovely side effects of a sinus infection (you know, where your head feels like it’s going to explode!) he has an ear infection in his right ear and an eye infection in both eyes. (So next time I get a sinus infection, I will just scream and cry out in pain like he does every so often – just because I can!)

So we got him some medicine and will be praying that works. As long as he doesn’t start wheezing and need his nebulizer, I think I might survive this sickness – *might*

I had a couple requests for more pictures. I just don’t have time to upload and edit lately, but I took some time tonight…these are from the past 2 weeks…

Sweet potatoes are yummy! (we actually think they mess with his tummy, so we’re holding off…too bad there’s like 3 billion sweet potato muffin patties in the freezer!**)
Benjamin, Bebe & the new monkey chew toy – it’s yummy
K and his big boy bed!
This is what happens when you have a big brother…
I could seriously kiss those cheeks all day!!! (…ok, I do!)
My precious…(not in a LOTR Gollum sort of way…)
The Dynamic Duo!

The only way B will sleep lately…frustrating, but oh-so-snuggly…my mom says he looks like a little shar pei puppy!
This kid has some beautiful feet….

And eyelashes….

So, K was SO tired today…in nearly 2 years, this is the first time this has happened. I asked if he wanted to go to his crib – he shook his head no. I asked if he wanted his big boy bed and he moaned, “nooooo….” 3 seconds later….
An hour later – he woke. HE looked SO pitiful, but his hair….wow….Is that some Jones’ hair or WHAT?!
Our little model!
Yup – he’s our son – look at the crazy eyes for McD’s!!!

**Something must have happened to my ice cube trays in the move because I cannot find them anywhere. When I went to make B’s baby food, I was going crazy. So I used what I could find – my mini cupcake pan…so I have all these “muffins” of food in the freezer – quite hysterical!

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  1. I just want you to know I miss you. I love to see your babies growing up before my eyes but it makes me sad it’s only through pictures. You are a wonderful mom and I love to see this season of your life! Know you and your family are always in my prayers!!

  2. something strange happened the first time i posted this…so if it posts twice, i’m sorry!i just love benjamin’s feet! they are scrumptious! (which is not a normal word for me AT ALL but seems to describe his feet perfectly). and keaton’s hair is awesome. best pic ever!

  3. love K’s hair…and he does look pitiful! hope the meds are working! i also love b’s toes…i love baby toes they look so precious!

  4. Oh Angela – I miss you too!! I think about you all the time! I hope we get to see each other soon πŸ™‚ Thanks for the “get betters” everyone! He is improving!

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