More pictures…

Here is a picture from Group 1’s swap

A common sight in our home, usually heard with, “Keaton, you’re going to get hurt…” And then Keaton screaming bloody murder…

Hmmm….(Thanks, Bebe!)
It takes a lot of milk to be a strong heart breaker like Keaton!

Yes, it’s super blurry, but, they love each other so much!!!

The face of innocence…(riiiight)

Zach’s parents were in town and the weather was amazing, combine that with Uncle Mark’s tennis match next to a playground – time to “Sliiiiiii” (slide)

Zach’s dad with Keaton and Karis (Keaton’s younger cousin)

We introduced carrots on Saturday – do I need to say it? He loves them! I really posted this to show off his chunky thighs 😉

Keaton, where are your teeth??


Zach’s parents brought Keaton some plastic Easter eggs. I finished off the eggs this morning making some banana bread…I handed K the carton – this is what I caught him doing….

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  1. There is waaaay too much of Zach in that boy for that to be the face of innocence! I’ve seen that look on Keaton’s Dad to know what that look means! 😀

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