“They’re Green”


The other day I happened into a “box store” that we all know and have a love/hate relationship – I won’t mention any names…

I was doing 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping and needed a couple of house ware items – one thing specifically, a spray water bottle.

I looked in every conceivable place and finally asked a helpful associate. She grumbled something about “a bunch of them” being near the ironing boards. I went to look and couldn’t find them anywhere. So I continued to wander around, I’m sure with a frazzled/angered expression on my face. Finally, I gave up. I was tired of being in this MART of sorts… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hate going there in general, and after about 90 minutes of searching…I mean shopping, I was fed up. I asked another associate who asked in reply, “Didn’t she tell you where they were?” I explained that she did, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

So instead of simply walking me to them, she walks me towards the associate#1 and asks if she had told me – did she not believe me?

Associate#1 said, “I did…” and looking at me, “They are near the ironing boards.” I calmly (but I’m sure, snidely) replied, “Yes, I understood that, but I couldn’t find them, so I’m back asking you to show me where they are.”

She said, “They’re green…”

At this point – I know I’m losing my mind. Green water bottles should stand out, right??? I apologize (for what???) and ask her if she could just, please, show me where they were.

She sighed as she put down her Coke (obviously, I was taking her away from a very important task!) and walked me 4 feet away from where she was standing to point to something that resembled this:
On it was a tag that had the “reduce, recycle, reuse” symbol, among other things that made it “green.”

All I could say was, “Ohhhh, green, as in environmentally friendly!”

She looked at me like I was a dummy for thinking anything else and she said, “Yeh….green…”

Stupid me!

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  1. oh, terra! that makes me laugh… thats my exact reason for not shopping there:) (shh… don’t tell my mil and fal – they both work for that “box store”!) Any time I have to go there, I always leave saying I’ll never return… and every time I shop at Harris Teeter, I come home smiling, thinking, “why can’t every shopping experience be this pleasant!”. More luck to you next time:)

  2. Hey!! I’m returning the favor.If you read back in my blog you’ll find my intense hatred for that particular place (which in my family we lovingly refer to as “Fart-Mart”) If that had been target, you would have asked someone, and if they had known they would have walked you RIGHT to them, OR they would have gotten on their walkie talkie and asked where the squirt bottles were and then would have taken you there. That other place BITES

  3. And associates like that are why dh hates being one… 1. they give the rest of them a bad name and 2. their whatever-ness drives him nuts. LOL

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