Funny stories


Ok, these stories, probably won’t be funny to anyone else, but, I have to ‘document’ them somewhere so I will never forget them, because one day, I will 🙂

These both happened Mother’s Day weekend — providing many tears and belly aches for hours days weeks to come….

First – I was doing the 30 Day Shred…never mind that I’m not anymore…we didn’t have any weights, so I was using soup cans until I determined whether or not I would stick with the Shred we could buy some. They were sitting on this little chest thing in the living room that I keep crap scrap/craft supplies in. We’re all (me, my mom and Zach) sitting around talking. Keaton walks over, picks them up and starts doing these arm lift things (I tried to look up what they were called, but couldn’t…I could turn the DVD on and find out show you next time I see you!) But it was HYSTERICAL to see this lil toddler shredding 😉

Secondly, Benjamin isn’t standing on his own yet, well, he’s close, but, he wasn’t a month ago (or so…whenever Mother’s Day was!) Zach is used to putting Keaton on the floor and he’ll stand on his own. Well, Zach goes to change Benjamin’s diaper, brings him back, we’re all sitting on the floor, and Zach just stands him up as opposed to setting him on his bottom! B just stood there for 3.5 seconds with this “WHAT IN THE WORLD” look and then crumbled, haahahha! After I stopped bawling, it was so funny!

To share with you, how much story 1 has impacted us. My mom said she was driving home the other night and randomly thought of that and could not stop laughing. Later that night, I couldn’t sleep and something made me think of it….I couldn’t stop laughing and I swear, once a day, I remember and have a seriously good laugh!

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