Knock, Knock, Who’s There?


Oh, yeh…me — the author of this blog…sheesh….

Think I just fell off the planet or something.

What’s new?

I’m sewing like a crazy woman trying to get stuff ready for my shop to open (details to come soon…) 🙂

We are in Potty Training Take 2. On the advice/suggestion/encouragement from a friend and…on the persuasion of my husband who is tired of paying for diapers ((honey, just be glad we use cloth so much!!)) we’re diving in again. I just wish I was more “into it” …I’m totally fine with changing diapers “all day”…it’s harder to keep a constant eye on lil red dinosaur undies and make sure they stay dry and ask K every few minutes if he needs to go…exhausting.

We play outside and try not to melt…

I’m waiting for “the phone call” when I grab my stuff and run out the door to be a doula for a friend…

That’s about it these days.

We wake up, K & I have the following conversation for 9 hours:

K – “Daddy?”

Me – “Where’s Daddy?”

K – “Work?”

Me – “That’s right. He’s at work.”

K – “Truck?”

Me – “Yes, with his truck.”

K – “Car?”

Me – “Does daddy have a car?”

K – “Noooooo… Daddy?”

And it begins again…

I make dinner, we eat, we go to bed and do it all over again 😉


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