too tired for a creative title


I should consider blogging at 2am when I’m wide awake, that would make for more entertaining blogging, I’m sure…

The latest:

  • Keaton is slowing starting to talk in sentences – a lot of “I want…” and “I try…” and lots of descriptions, “Daddy work” and “Benj crying” He knows the present tense because, well, usually, (lately) Benjamin IS crying! He always wants to help Benjamin do something (he’s been like this since B was born, but lately, it’s all.the.time.) I have to be careful, because, B likes to hold hands and walk and K thinks he should be the one doing that — not so much! He recaps stories all day long (his current favorite is how daddy stood on a chair, the glass globe (for the ceiling fan) came crashing down, pieces went everywhere and mommy had to vacuum it all up). He loves being a pirate and sword fighting with daddy, as well as building things with his mega blocks.He’s become super snuggly (on HIS time) lately, which I love, unfortunately, I think it’s out of jealousy when I’m giving B a bottle.
  • Benjamin (is crying) because he has more teeth coming in (for the counters in the group, this will be #’s 9, 10, 11 and 12!) He turns 11 months on Wednesday (so count this the monthly update, because I’m sure I’ll forget to do it then!) We discovered some Gluten-Free chicken strips and he’s been really enjoying those! As I said, he’s trying to walk (holding hands) — still too wobbly to let go, but that is a-ok with me! He jabbers all day long and tries to repeat words and phrases! I don’t say this as a doting mother, I say this as  “Really?  Did he just say what I think he said?” He’s crazy. He has perfected the pouty lip, the full on slobber kiss, gives hugs, melts you with a smile and has the weirdest hysterical laugh (think jock, meets creepy, meets old man…somewhere in the middle is B’s hyper laugh!) He needs a haircut, he has a really bad mullet. A friend is going to make a gluten-free cake for his first birthday in a month (wait…a MONTH? First birthday??? sigh)
  • Zach just traded vehicles with a friend (the hubby of the gluten-free cake maker!) He had an older Accord and so Zach swapped his truck for that! He got a much needed hair cut. He’s working (just ask Keaton, he’ll tell you) 😉
  • I am not sleeping…wait that’s not news. I started taking melatonin, but it’s not doing much I don’t think. Not sure if I need a higher dosage or what. As soon as my friend has her baby ad I don’t have to worry about missing a middle of the night phone call, I’m taking a couple benedryl and sleeping good! I have 5 strawberries growing in my bucket out back (waiting on some squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, cantaloupes, and cucumbers)…but I’m very excited about the late bloomers!

I think that’s the latest on us…let me know if I didn’t cover something!


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  1. I took melatonin also. Notice the “took.” It didn’t help me much either. Some nights, it did seem to sorta help me feel sleepy. But it did nothing to help me stay asleep during the night. So when I woke up an hour after going to bed when Robert came home from work, I’d be wide awake for over an hour, etc. There were 3 dosage options on the shelf when I bought mine and I got the middle one. Never tried the highest. But I just don’t think it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Dr. gave me some sleep meds to try, but I’m too afraid. I don’t want to become dependent on anything!

  2. Can I trade you? I’m always so stinkin’ tired it’s not funny. If we had money and insurance I’d go to the doctor but we don’t have either so I won’t go.

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