Week at the Beach


It’s “vacation” week for us…it’s been a tiring week, but here’s the recap so far…

Monday: We got up and left town at 7:10am. We got to Myrtle Beach about 11:45am. “Garmin” only sent us on 1 weird detour when we asked it to find us a McDonald’s (mama needed a Coke). 10 miles through Fayetteville later….we were back on track. We got here, unloaded…and I honestly don’t remember what happened the rest of the day! Monday night, we started a crazy adventure. We put the boys in a room together for the first time and that has been pretty much a disaster ever since…Keaton woke up a handful of times, not knowing where he was, running through the halls screaming for his daddy! It was sad and entertaining all at the same time.

Tuesday: Morning came way too early (5:13am) and so, after B got his bottle and K got a bit of Noggin, we headed to the beach. We came back and did Calzones for lunch and in the afternoon, Zach took Keaton to the pool. That evening, we went back to the beach to wear out the boys. We went to the outlet to find some clothes for the boys (and books for Zach). That night went a little better, but…

Wednesday: Morning came even EARLIER (4am!) ((proving that the LATER they go to bed the EARLIER they wake up in the morning….) We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium for the morning. We got lunch, headed back for nap time. We headed back to the beach after I did Breaded Toasted Ravioli for dinner. Here are some pictures from Wednesday. Wednesday night went a smidge better….

Thursday: Morning didn’t come as early (are we noticing a trend….boys together = not a great idea…but whatever. I’m not waking to Benjamin’s every little noise). We spent the morning on the beach. Benjamin apparently liked having his very own salt lick – he kept dunking his hand in the ocean and then licking it — gross. He was also licking shells (he really wanted to eat them!)  We came back, ate lunch, napped, and then headed to eat dinner at the food court at the outlet.

We were planning on leaving tomorrow, but we’re thinking we’ll stick around til Saturday now.

It’s been a good, but tiring week. The boys are loving all the sand & water. Stay tuned for more pictures!


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