Black Berries and Ice Cream


Benjamin got spoiled yesterday. I’ve been super slow and cautious to introduce new foods because of this whole stupid wheat issue. I was trying to figure out a new fruit for him as he’s getting tired of bananas and I’m getting tired of blueberries…ahem, reappearing {moms, am I right??} So I realized we had yet to introduce blackberries (raspberries are next, yummers!) So, he got to try that out – I turned around for 3.5 seconds, and then turned back to him and all 4 of them were gone and he was grinning ear to ear – Love him…probably as much as he loves food…or me for not giving him bananas…

Anywho…So, dessert time comes and we pull out the ice cream and I was having plain vanilla over a doughnut and Benjamin started fussing and grabbing for my ice cream. So we quickly read the ingredients and no wheat was to be found, so, as scared as I was to introduce two new foods in one day, being the cool mom I am (cool mom…ice cream…get it?? ehhh…) I gave him a couple blobs some ice cream. About 5 minutes later, I thought this child was going to fly out of his seat. He was going nuts! Flapping his arms, bouncing up and down…So jacked up on sugar excited šŸ˜‰

Good prep for this weekend and his birthday…


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