And 3 makes 11


Saying that we had a long night last night doesn’t begin to summarize it. It started off fairly quietly. We’re tweaking bedtime a little bit (mainly with Keaton) since Zach will be gone 2 nights a week leaving me to put two walking children to bed…who goes first…what to do with the other…sigh. So that made for a rough start, but we got there.

Anywho. Around 9pm, when I was heading to bed, Benjamin cried out, but for no more than 10 seconds. I didn’t think anything of it because he’ll often cry out for a few seconds and go right back to sleep.

So, about 1am, he starts screaming, but only for a minute or so. And then it’s off and on whimpering for what seemed like forever. Then he’d stop for awhile (ie: 40-50 mins) and then it’d start all over again. About 4am, he started screaming bloody murder. Zach went in and brought him into our bed – he was very restless.

My first thought: ear infection.

Then my thoughts:

Great – did I give it to him?

Oh man, I have to spend Saturday at urgent Care.

Alone, with both boys, because Zach has to work.

And I still feel miserable.

And 5 women are showing up for the freezer meal swap at 10:30am.

And Benjamin’s sick.


So, Zach goes to change his diaper to hopefully make him more comfortable.

He comes in and comments on how “horrible” his diaper rash was. Then it hit me. I almost started crying.

Two words.

Chicken. Nuggets.

That’s what the fuss is all about. I gave him two measly chicken nuggets, and the stupid bread crumbs probably had wheat in them because EVERY thing has wheat in it. He didn’t get a rash around his mouth, so I assumed all was OK. Well, now it has to be messing his tummy, and giving him a rash…WHY did I give him the nuggets?

So, Zach is working on getting B back to sleep and then Keaton comes RUNNING out of his room. I go get him back in bed. And then I go get Benjamin and tell Zach to take care of Keaton. I sing a bit to B and get him back down. Keaton’s down. We get a smidge of sleep. And way too early, Keaton comes running out of his room, “Daddy! EAT!!!” sigh.

I eventually get out of bed and something told me to check my phone. I then see that a sweet friend has been in labor all night and texted me at 5:45am with some labor questions…

And I complained about our night πŸ˜‰

Oh, the 3 and 11?

When I was changing B’s diaper about 9:30am, I made him laugh and then noticed 3 new teeth. 11 total now.

He got Motrin before bed in hopes of avoiding a repeat of last night πŸ˜‰


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