Wordy Gurdy, among other things


Benjamin has had a brain growing week, and it’s only Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s a waving fool. He’ll wave to the wall, to Keaton as he “leaves” for “work” (on his dump trunk, wearing his hard hat & keys in hand!) He is pointing to a cat and calling it such, as well as saying “that” when he points to anyย  (and every) thing. He says “mama” in the most precious way.

The most exciting thing is probably his social interactioness (??? haha) Our once shy and ever fearful of anyone but mommy & daddy baby, has suddenly become a social butterfly! There’s a family that always sits in front of us at church and, having 4 children of their own, love babies. They’ve watched B grow over the past year and have so much fun talking with him. Sunday, B was reaching for Chris (the dad) and allowed him to hold him throughout the first two songs! (I took him back after that so he’d go to sleep and not be shipped off to the nursery) ๐Ÿ˜‰ While Chris was holding him, the guy in front of Chris was wearing a hat & B kept reaching for it, so Chris kept telling him that it was a hat, it goes on your head, etc. Halfway through the 2nd song, B starts reaching for the hat again and patting his own head!

He’s also giving precious kisses and hugs when you ask.

Let’s see…

Oh!!! He had his first MEAL last night. With his wheat issues, he normally has something completely different than what we are eating (maybe parts of it, but never the same thing). I was making Carrie’s Chicken and was using GF pasta and setting some aside, along with some chicken. While I was pouring the sauce in the bowl, I noticed two words on the back of the jar, “GLUTEN FREE”. I grabbed the butter, “GLUTEN FREE”. I grabbed the mozzarella cheese, “GLUTEN FREE”. I was ELATED!!!! And that doesn’t EVEN begin to describe B at dinner! He was laughing and clapping, and telling us all about it, just jabbering away. So cute! I was so excited that he got to eat a MEAL, and not turkey, banana and cheese. haha. I really need more ideas….sigh.

ok, boys are up, must go play!


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