The latest in our cloth diapering journey


I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve had asking about cloth the past couple of weeks! Most are new mama’s, but quite a few making the change for number 2, just like we did! I wrote this post almost a year ago, and things haven’t changed too much, but enough that it was just easier to make a new post instead of explaining all the changes in an email πŸ™‚

Currently our stash consists of a LOT of diapers, and I plan to keep it that way. Surprisingly, even with all these, I can still only go 2 days between washes (usually it’s one running out and then the other – we can’t seem to get the boys on the same schedule!) I love the variety because I love the diapers (and hate some!) for various reasons. Some I only trust at home, and others (ok, only 1 specifically), I’d let the boys wear for days and not be worried (except for the horrible diaper rash to follow!) πŸ˜‰

Here’s what we have in no particular order (other than how I remember them!)

1. The “old school” Pocket Change (they changed them up a bit, and a friend and I agreed they just aren’t the same {quality, fit, etc…}, which is sad, because the “old school” ones are FANtastic! We do have one of the new style for Keaton, but a snap fell off about a month after we bought it and we don’t have the receipt, so until I acquire a snap press, he can’t wear it). These are definitely one of my top two favorites πŸ™‚

2. Thirsties Fab Fitted. I’m not the biggest fan of fitteds, but these Thirsties are incredible! They hold in everything. They were my favorite on Benjamin when he was itty bitty and were perfect for a newborn.

3. Happy Heinys. Be still my beating heart. If I could trade in every diaper we own for one kind, it would be these in a HEARTbeat. These are, obviously, the ones I’d trust for days on the boys and not worry about leaks. They were amazing on Benjamin when he was super chunky, and now that he’s still “solid” and long, they’re still perfect. To boot, they’re a perfect fit on Keaton, who is long and lanky beyond belief. Love, love, love, love, love them.

4. BumGenius One-Size. If I could throw out ANY diaper in our stash, it would be this one in a heartbeat. I stated before how I knew I hated this diaper very shortly after we got them in the mail and it’s true. I purchased them because everyone raved about them – true, we rarely have leaks (only then it’s because mommy loses her head and forgets to change a diaper), but, just feeling them, they feel poorly made and they’re anything but soft. After one washing, I knew I wanted to throw them out because of the “wash tabs” (they’re supposed to keep the diaper’s velcro tabs on the diaper, but it instead creates a long train of connected diapers…I should totally take a picture sometime! It’s so annoying, esp. when you’re trying to quietly stuff diapers, not so quiet when you’re ripping velcro every few minutes, ugh….) Anywho, since the velcro doesn’t stay attached, they fill up with fuzzies (who knows WHERE these fuzzies come from!) and then they don’t attach in the front (which makes a pretty useless diaper!) and then about 5 months ago, I noticed that the front strip of velcro was coming off. I haven’t bothered to replace it, because I really want to get a snap press, but we’ll see… These are also our most stained diapers. Even the sun doesn’t bleach these things. Ok. Enough griping on BG’s!

5. We have a bunch of prefolds. We use these at night on Benjamin, with a Baby Kicks Hemparoo Insert in them (can we say heavy wetter?!) and a Bummis Super Whisper Snap Wrap cover. Makes for a big bum, but a dry bed πŸ™‚

6. Baby Kangas One Size. Another diaper I could throw out and never look back. The snaps are really obscure – seriously, the best way to describe it. The only good thing that ever came out of this diaper – I converted one of the pediatricians at our office to cloth with it! Hopefully she didn’t buy those, I’m sure she hates me if she did!

7. Fuzzi Bunz. I’m pretty indifferent on these. We have a lot of leaks, but they fit really well. So I only use them at home and only if he’s going to be in it for a short amount of time (TMI example, he poos RIGHT before lunch…I don’t want him to sit in it for an hour, but he’ll be taking a nap and getting a new diaper in an hour…throw on the Fuzzi Bunz!)

8. The rest are WAHM diapers (not to be confused with Wahmies). Two are in Benjamin’s stash. I won them. I hate them. They’re definitely the last we pull out (as in, everything else is in the wash and we’ve used up the disposables!) We have 4 in Keaton’s rotation, I bought these from a lady off craigslist, she was selling off diapers from her stash because her’s was too big (gasp!) πŸ˜‰ I definitely didn’t get her best diapers, but, they work. They don’t leak. They’re ugly but they’re covered with fantastic, brightly colored Thirsties Covers.

We use cloth wipes as well. We have a variety of these as well (why wouldn’t we??) πŸ™‚ Some I got in the GCDH‘s package. Some I made (easy peasy, 2 pieces of square flannel, line em up, sew em together. Viola!) We also have Kissaluvs Terry Wipes – not super soft, but they get the job done and some Thirsties Fab Cloth Wipes (which I do not recommend! – they’re velour on one side, and I just do. not. like. that. However, if velour is your thing, go for it!)

As far as storage – we use Wahmies Wet Bags. I *heart* these. They’re waterproof bags and, Wahmies has a zipper on theirs to keep stinkies in, and a hook to hang the bag. If I could get one a smidge bigger than their largest size, that would be awesome! But we have two and that usually gets us through the two days of diapers before washing. I do want a third though – and Cara at Bubbles and Bows Boutique is hooking me up with one! πŸ˜‰ Wet bags make it super easy to change on the go (Cara made us a smaller wet bag and it’s great for taking to church, or out to eat or whatever you may be!) Since we started cloth we’ve been able to use cloth on every vacation (save one to the beach where we were told there was no washer, so we left them at home, only to discover a washer upon arrival! alas!)

Washing: I have found a fabulous detergent, Tiny Bubbles. Prior to using this I was battling stinkies and leaks – I’d solve one problem and then have another (it started at our last apartment, so I think it was the water there). But, I got a free sample of this detergent and all our problems were solved! Unfortunately we’re about out and I’m very sad, thinking of the problems that may return! But, I’m also going to start making our own, in hopes that it’ll be very similar to the “formula” of this detergent.

Diaper rash: Using ‘traditional’ diaper creams with cloth diapers is not great for the diapers (nor baby’s skin!) Something that is though, coconut oil, as my friend Whitney asked, “The stuff in my kitchen?” Yuppers! But, I’d get another jar πŸ˜‰ And baby comes out of the room smelling like the beach and not a medicine cabinet!! πŸ™‚

So there’s the latest on where we are with cloth diapering…what did I leave out?

Do you use cloth? What do you love? How do you store? What detergent do you use?


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  1. yes i use cloth…just switched to cloth wipes and should have done it a LONG time ago! i have mostly os pockets, bg, fb, haute, and smartipants. i have some med. fb too. i def. prefer snaps vs. aplix. the new bgs do have better laundry tabs! ive been using mostly bamboo inserts vs. mf…we had terrible stinkies!

    i have 2 wahmies pail liners(orange, purple) and it sits in a cheap step pail from target. no cover…as it keeps the stinkies down! we also have 2 smaller wet bags for travel, although i will be getting a new one as im getting a new diaper bag made and it will attach to the outside of the diaper bag! (im just a little excited)

    for detergent…ive tried a lot in my yr of cloth and we have finally setteld on rockin’ green. it is superb! great if you have hard water too!

  2. I use this recipe to wash my cd’s:

    22 oz. washing soda (sold at Harris Teeter)
    8 oz. OxiClean
    7 oz. baking soda

    They said to use one OxiClean scoop per load, but I use 1 Tablespoon (our OxiClean scoop was huge).

    I still like our BG’s. I’ve never had an issue with a “diaper train” though. In fact, sometimes the tab sticks to the wash tab so well it’s hard for me to pull it off! I do have snaps with my (2) FB’s but at this point I prefer the hook and loop because Sophie is ALWAYS on the move and it’s so hard to keep her still long enough to snap the snaps!

    I do not care for our Swaddlebees. It always leaks. I’m not sure if I have the insert wrong, if it just doesn’t fit her well, or if its just the diaper.

    I don’t care for pre-folds. I’m currently trying to sell 36 Indian pre-folds with 7 Super Whisper Wrap Covers.

    Do you use a wipes solution for your cloth wipes? I made some out of baby blankets but haven’t used them yet. But we’re almost out of disposable wipes so we’ll be using them soon :). What about using baby wash cloths?

    I need some wet bags and a pail liner.

  3. The “recipe” I found was in a book I was reading (everyday cheapskate’s) just 1/8 cup of borax and 1/8 cup baking soda. I’m excited to try it out. It’s supposed to produce very little bubbles (which is what the Tiny Bubbles did and I LOVE that stuff)…so we’ll see!

    For our wipes, we just use water. Lots of people I know use baby wash cloths instead of official wipes. We just don’t have any (we just use regular wash cloths, lol) and bought the wipes since we were already placing an order.

    Heather – that’s another detergent I want to try. I feel almost as addicted to detergent as I am to diapers πŸ˜‰

  4. I just used regular prefold diapers with the stupid plastic cover from wal-mart. It’s all we could afford. LOL I used store bought for night time because the prefolds just didn’t work for overnight. I really do hate having to pin on every diaper. I am soo glad to just be potty training now, and use undies. Maybe some day I can get some of the new cool cloth diapers. I will be sure to check this again before buying though.
    For wipes I just used washclothes. It worked.
    I also make our own laundry detergent, and It worked fine. It is the recipe in Dining on a Dime.

  5. Oh, I’ll play! I love hearing what other people have, love, like and hate!

    For Addie we have….

    1 old medium school Pocket Change – This is HUGE on her and tends to gap at the legs a bit but I still like it πŸ™‚

    A bunch of new style Pocket Change – I LOVE the fit of these. If I wasn’t having so many problems with the quality of these this is all I would purchase for baby #2. But I’ve had a snap come off, elastic is super loose, and I’ve had a bunch of elastic go bad after just one or two uses. One of my goals for before baby is born (ha!) is to replace the elastic in the ones that are bad.

    Haute Pocket OS – Not bad, not our favorite. Usually ends up towards the bottom of the pile but I can’t say as though we’ve had leaks or any problems with it.

    GADimals – I bought this because it was so stinkin’ cute and I do love the looks but I’m not a fan of side snap diapers apparently. Who knew?

    Fuzzi Bunz – We’ve never had a good fit with this although I wonder if she maybe needs the size smaller than whatever I have.

    Bamboozle – I LOVED LOVED LOVED this at first. It was by far my favorite diaper purchase. Now a year later the sewn in insert has come unsewn and all of the softness has worn off and it is really scratchy. It is currently sitting in my project pile to sew the insert back in but since it’s scratchy I am in no rush to do it. I don’t think I’d buy another one.

    Baby Beehinds – I regretted buying this at first since I loved the bamboozle so much (I got them at the same time) but now I am so glad I did! It isn’t nearly as soft as bamboozle was but it has stayed in one piece and keeps Addie dry at night!

    Thirsties Covers – They work fine. Don’t really excite me but don’t disappoint me either.

    We’ve tried…

    Kissaluvs fitted – this seemed really baggy on Addie and took FOREVER to dry. It is in my pile to sell.

    Thirsties Fab Fitted – Super soft and squishy. Had a bunch of quality problems with the tabs and went through like 4 of them before I got one that was sewn together properly (but Jillians kept exchanging them for me so it was a hassle more than anything). That said, fitteds were never really our thing considering we didn’t start CDing until Addie was over 1.

    Wonder Wrap – This was THE worst cover ever invented (based completely on the two brands I’ve tried! lol) It is super bulky and huge plus it has this great big belly flap that does nothing except get in the way.

    For new baby I have or have one the way (shhh…don’t tell my husband!) –

    2 Blueberry Minky OS – these were my splurge for this baby. I’ve wanted to try them since we started CDing and now seemed like a good time!

    2 Blueberry PUL OS – bought from DS

    1 Blueberry NB
    1 Blueberry SM
    1 Blueberry Med – This was sold to me as a small but definitely has an “M” on the tag. Oh well! πŸ™‚
    3 Thirsties Duo covers – pretty excited about these
    1 Thirsties xs cover
    3 thirsties fab fitteds, xs
    1 nb nanipoo ( I am super excited about this)
    1 nb piddle poodle
    And I just emailed a CL lady about some pre-folds for itty bitty baby πŸ™‚

    I think that’s it…

  6. “The β€œrecipe” I found was in a book I was reading (everyday cheapskate’s) just 1/8 cup of borax and 1/8 cup baking soda.”

    I didn’t want to use anything with borax because of my research on the stuff. It just didn’t seem safe to me. But that’s just my opinion :).

  7. Yeah, I’ve heard bad things about Borax recently too. I have a whole box that’s never even been opened.

    We’re pretty boring and only use GMD prefolds with BSSW covers.

    I have a question though- do your diapers smell like pee? It seems I wash about every other day not because I’m out of diapers but because the stench of urine is SO strong it almost makes me sick. I used a dry pail at first and now a diaper bag w/liner and put that inside a trash can w/ a lid! I just don’t know what else to do. Just yesterday I started rinsing the pee diapers as well as the poo with the diaper sprayer before I put them in the pail hoping that will help. Do you rinse your pee diapers too or just poo?

    • Hey Emily!

      So far, the borax is working fine as far as I can tell, no leaks (except our fuzzi bunz that ALWAYS seem to leak, lol).

      Ya’ll are not boring πŸ˜€

      We honestly don’t rinse any diapers. Just “get” the poo in the toilet and then throw them in the wet bag til wash day. We used to have really bad stink issues like that at our old apartment …what did I do? at 6:50am, I do not remember, lol. I’ll get back to you πŸ˜‰

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