Quite the ham


Keaton that is.

Tonight, Zach’s parents came into town, thus bringing over his sister, her hubby and their kiddos as well. Keaton was loving all the excitement (he’s like his daddy, quite the people person!)

Well, Meagan & Mark had to leave to get their girls down and then it was all eyes on Keaton. He started hiding toys under towels and doing “Abracadabra” and pulling the towel away to reveal the toy! We play this all the time, but then he did something he’d never done before. He took a shaker toy and was using it like a microphone and going around saying, “Intro papa!…Intro Daddy!…Intro Gwanma!…Into Mama!!!! …Intro BEN!….” and then hat, truck, bottle (ba-ul, haha, cracks me up everytime), cow, barn, shoes, etc..etc…

This went on for a good 5-8 minutes. Too much! We’re really not sure where he got “Introducing…” from but it is quite hysterical!


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